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Sylvia Ganancia -Peintures Sculptures
Many exhibitions in Paris,  in Province, and in Spain.
Medal of City of Paris.
Jewish Museum Art of Paris,
  Contemporary Art Museum in the city of Fontainebleau.
Present in many French and foreign collections, Sylvia B. Ganancia received various prices and distinctions in particular the Medal of the City of Paris

Born in Paris in 1951, coming from a family of artist,
Sylvia Ganancia, currently lives in the south of Spain, in Marbella,
as an artist painter-sculptor, musician, creative since her youth,
knew to create her own visual vocabulary.
A part of her art can be analyzed as a search of synthesis
between the abstract and the figurative .
Through various elements which make her paintings,
emerge from some simple images full of feelings,
discrete conjugation of the dream and reality.
Her very personal technic is the result of a practice in constant evolution.
She uses various elements, such leather or other matters like laces of ground,
or fabrics which offer another dimension to her artworks,
thus creating a  subtle and an attaching universe.
This matter composition is mixed in a chromatic range reduced and finely moderated.

Each one of her work is a reflection of her passions,  fragments of souvenirs,
a setting in images of the archives of an infinite memory...