Having been immersed ever since I was a young child in a sort of universal mystical world, I always understood that the present was reality... or rather than reality was the present and that dwelling on the past or being obsessed by the future only generated pain and speculation... This vision of things has enabled me to understand that these thoughts had a great therapeutic power...
Love is the only answer to our uncertainties.
We must simple love and it would seem that this can enable us reach deep into ourself what I call "God", this so often named and so little known universal force, is a strength for me, as it is pure and creative love. 
Love makes fear disappear. There is no room for fear when you feel love...
As everything is energy and as love gathers all energies, then everything is love.
It is the key to the very nature of God.
When we love and do not fear anything, we are able to forgive others and ourselves and
begin to see things in a more appropriate light. The feelings of guilt and anger are reflections of fear.
Guilt is a sly uneasy feeling that we allow to dwell in the bottom of our hearts. Where as forgiveness dissolves guilt and anger that are useless and even harmful emotions.
Forgiving is an act of love.
Pride is an obstacle to forgiveness, an expression of our ego. We must be aware that we are not only a body or a mind, or even an ego. We are something a lot more powerful.
We are love and are endowed with an infinite power… Love is the all-encompassing remedy.

On the other hand, when we allow ourself to be invaded by pride, arrogance, distrust, fear, anger or violence, which are signs of our own insecurity and emotional deprivation, then we allow destruction to happen and fall
prey to anguish, wallowing in deep sorrow.

These feelings are utterly useless and harmful and all these aspects of our ego only make us move further away from wisdom and therefore from happiness and love.
What we believe to be real is in fact just an illusion. Time is an illusion
and it is advisable to measure it by the lessons we have learned than by the minutes, hours or days.
Having a vision of the eternal nature of our life, our world, our time allows us
to display an infinite patience and experience a deep inner peace.
We can find this vision of eternity wihin our memory, which is our infinite conscience woven into
our eternal soul…
We only have to dedicate a short time every day to connecting to our conscience, opening the gates of our memory and understanding that  to make this life journey  we borrow a body that is perishable, as all matter is, but that thanks to this body of ours, we have the opportunity to act, make good, straighten, improve, bring together and especially to love...
Our lives to come depend on our behaviour, our actions, our feelings…
If intellect is important in this world, intuition even  more so.
Intuition is the language of the soul and listening to our soul is hearing the truth.

Listening to our intuitive wisdom and being aware that all is One then we can contemplate God.

In the Hebrew language, every letter of the alphabet has a numerical value. The first letter is equal to 1, the second to 2 and so forth until 10, then 10 by 10 until the twentieth and 100 by 100 up to the last letter.

The word LOVE has a numerical value of 13 and the word ONE also has a numerical value of 13. Oneness is Love or Love is Oneness. The two words Love and Oneness are therefore equivalent.

When we look at everything lovingly, we become aware of what Oneness means and are able to have access to God this way. In  Judaism, one of the names of the Divine has a numerical value of 26, ("the Tetragramme") that allows us to conclude that Love and Oneness are equivalent to God

If God is Love and Oneness and that He created us to His image, we are therefore Love and Oneness.
It is therefore in the nature and very essence of human beings to love and become One, which must remain our goal in the course of our whole life....
Sylvia Ganancia -Peintures Sculptures
Music is a perfect mean to reach high spiritual levels, grasp the impalpable, reach the untouchable...

It is great to experience life at all times through our senses, to feel, quiver, laugh or cry, speak or listen, breathe in all the fine things that nature presents us with, enjoy a whiff of its subtle perfumes, mentally  follow the route taken by our breath by visualising the air going through our vital organs, from the tip of our toes to the deepest part of our brain, imagine lush green landscapes, blue skies or a sea with golden sandy beaches, let ourself be gently rocked by the multiple sound effects of a generous mother nature overflowing with life... An unequalled opportunity for natural regeneration...
The world in which we live is the actual materialisation of Universal Perfection.

This unique energy is everywhere, in all living creatures and in every single thing.  It is a pure, omnipresent, perfect intelligence... and we are part of it.
We form part of this Universal Body. Our differences are necessary for it to properly function. Together we are One as this Oneness is also a multitude... The first letter of the  Hebrew alphabet « Alef »  corresponds to number "ONE" but also means "ONE THOUSAND". Oneness generates Love. There are more things that bring us together than things that separate us. Let's accept and respect ourselves... Let's connect to the right frequency through love, a vibrant energy that is an all-encompassing remedy...

The physical world gives us the opportunity
to act, improve ourselves, straighten things up, bring together and love...
Love is the only goal of our existence.
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