Since a long time ago, feelings, reflections and kind of revelations popped in my mind so I wanted to write them in order to be able to better understand them. The more I wrote, the more I felt how all those thoughts were beneficial. It was as if I was some kind of channel through which came messages from another world. I felt a tremendous emotional release which led me to a wonderful state of ecstasy, with the feeling of touching the Universal Truth.
This is the result of long and many meditations on existence, and all these “theories” are the transcriptions of intuitions and personal inspirations that I’d like to share with you today…
These few pages of writing do not have specific religious connotations; it is rather the expression of a total faith in a supreme force, in an immeasurable power of Love - a single God for the whole world.
It is purely the personal reflection of the deep being that lives inside me and which appeared to me through multiple real life experiences. By it, I felt an immense love for life, humanity and the world.
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-A fleur d'âme

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The center of this E-book is thebelief in the power of the individual to change his own life and that of others. It leads the reader to a great adventure which will take place in the center of its life and that can happen only when he focuses on love for all, passion for life, causing then a great spiritual growth.
This book is filled with powerful and wonderful creative thoughts that allow us to feel our soul vibrate at every moment.
It will teach us how to cultivate the art of living in the moment, leaving aside the memories of the past and all the worries about the future, remaining indifferent to the incessant chatter of pervasive inner dialogue that often overshadowed
our daily experience.
We will find a sudden light that will help us find balance and harmony in our life ... This Ebook is for us, a great help at all times. After reading the first pages, a different vibration will appear within us, a sort of connection to the Essential that will bring us instantly a huge benefit, a different perspective of the vision of life ... ABSOLUTELY
EVERYTHING we can get in life if we take control of our thoughts, because they have the power to create. Throughout this reading    we will discover the immense power that is in us, the ability to regenerate our body, we re-align it with life and we will realize that beyond our form, there is our Infinite...
If we want to improve our mind, our body and our heart and we feel good every day then this book is the answer
to our prayers.
This eBook will make you think from your true inner self, it will make you feel with the heart, it will make your soul fully aware of its true nature and it will make you feel a happier person.
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